Dangerous Goods Packing

At JK Francis & Son Ltd we are passionate about Dangerous Goods Packing and we are one of the UK’s leading Dangerous Goods Packing and Worldwide Shipping companies, with over 40 years of experience, our aim is to provide cost-effective Dangerous Goods Packing for Air and Sea Freight and remove the complexities of Packing, Shipping and Exporting Dangerous Goods.

Our team are highly trained to provide the most cost-effective solutions for the packing and shipping of Dangerous Goods by Air, Sea and Road Freight. We produce all the necessary IATA, or IMDG export documentation on your behalf to take the stress out of exporting Dangerous Goods.

We provide our customers with a full range of services that include, UK Collections and Deliveries, Dangerous Goods Packing and Documentation to all current regulations using UN Specification packaging, Worldwide Freight, and Dangerous Goods inspection and Documentation services.

We are the One Stop Shop and first choice for Packing and Exporting Dangerous Goods.

Our expertise include

  • Expert Dangerous Goods packing for Air and Sea freight

  • IMDG (Sea freight) certified export packing team

  • IATA (Air Freight) certified export packers

  • All necessary UN Packaging supplied

  • All necessary Dangerous Goods Documentation supplied

  • Hazardous Goods Inspection and Documentation Services

  • Collect, Pack, Supply Dangerous Goods Notes and Return services

  • UK collections and Worldwide deliveries for Dangerous Goods

  • Comprehensive Freight Insurance available

  • Cost effective Dangerous Goods Packing for Sea Freight

  • Supply chain partner for some of the UK’s leading Manufacturers

  • Dangerous goods shipping by Air and Sea freight

  • One stop shop for exporting your Dangerous Goods

  • Small airfreight consignments to full container loads for se freight.

Hazardous Goods by Air freight

Our mission is simple, to provide cost effective and reliable expert Dangerous Goods Packing for Air Freight. We are the first for choice every consignment no matter how small or large.

Utilize our expertise to reduce your Dangerous Goods packing costs and ensure that the necessary packing and documentation regulations are always adhered to. Our Air Freight Dangerous and Hazardous Goods packers are trained to current IATA/ ICAO standards and we supply the all the necessary UN Packaging and Documentation.

Hazardous Goods by Sea freight

Our team of IMDG trained packers will take the stress out of Exporting Dangerous Goods by Sea Freight, we ensure that all the necessary documentation, packaging and packing regulations are adhered to.

Reduce your Dangerous Goods packing costs, utilize our expertise and IMDG trained team to Export your Dangerous and Hazardous Goods by Sea Freight. We offer a comprehensive range of competitively priced Dangerous Goods Services that help our customers reduce their export costs and expand their global reach.

Dangerous Goods Inspection and Documentation

You can utilize our teams vast Dangerous Goods Packing and Shipping experience to ensure that your export consignments meet the current IATA / ICAO and IMDG regulations.

Our Dangerous Goods Inspection services can be tailored to provide everything from Hazardous Packing and Shipping consultation to providing Dangerous Goods Documentation.

All of our services are design to assist with Exporting Dangerous and Hazardous Goods, Our aim is to help reduce your Packing and Shipping costs, to make sure your able to leverage the global market or transport your goods to any worldwide destination in the most cost effective way.

Packing and shipping Dangerous Goods.

The packing and shipment of dangerous goods is regulated in order to reduce the risk of accidents involving people, property and the environment. Each mode of transport, Air, Sea and Road freight road has its own regulations, IATA, IMDG and ADR which define their own specific requirements for the packing and transport of Dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods packing and documentation should only be provided by companies and individuals that are certified to do so.

Dangerous goods are grouped into defined classes, see the full list we cater for we cater for the handling here.


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Project: Dangerous Goods packing and Hazardous Freight Forwarding

Dangerous Goods Packing and worldwide Shipping services, Our team are IATA and IMDG Certified packers

J.K. Francis & Son Ltd supply Dangerous goods packing and worldwide freight to a leading manufacturer of chemicals, we offer an end to end solution for our client.

We collect the goods, ranging from small samples that have to be at specific destination around the world on specific dates, to full container loads that we pack and load onsite.

Our comprehensive air and sea freight services take care of all the necessary documentation, ensuring that our customers exports are compliant with the respective IMDG or IATA regulations at all times.

Dangerous Goods Packing and Documentation for:
Class 1: Explosives.
Class 2: Gases.
Class 3: Flammable and Combustible Liquids.
Class 4: Flammable Solids.
Class 5: Oxidizing Substances, Organic Peroxides.
Class 6: Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances.
Class 8: Corrosives.
Class 9: Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials
Dangerous Goods Air freight (IATA)
Dangerous Goods Sea freight (IMDG)
Customs Clearance
Marine insurance
Worldwide Freight forwarding
European freight Movements

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    Dangerous Goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. They must be handled, packed and transported in accordance with the relevant legal, and regulatory requirements. To help you get this right first time we have compiled this short guide.