Packing Cases, Crates and Pallets

With over 100 years of trading and experience behind us we are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of wooden packing cases, shipping crates and bespoke pallets.

We can manufacture our products to meet any specific specification or we can advise and provide the most suitable and cost effective specification and design that will provide the very best protection for your goods throughout transit, We provide packaging solutions for products of any size, complexity and fragility.

All of our timber products are manufactured from ISPM15 compliant, kiln dried timber.

Our export packing cases and shipping crates are widely used by some of the largest manufactures across the UK, we supply every business sector and are a trusted partner within some of the UK’s leading supply chains.

We are the first choice for ISPM15 Export Packing cases and Shipping Crates.

Our expertise include

  • Custom designed to accommodate the load weight and size

  • Heavy duty, robust and durable solid timber construction

  • 2 or 4 way entry bases available

  • Excellent for stacking

  • Excellent multiple use Export packing cases

  • Can be sprayed or stencilled for easy identification

  • Kraft union or Polythene water proof linings available

  • Barrier foil bags with Vacuum and hermetically sealing available

  • Tilt and shock monitoring devices available on request

  • Kiln dried timber, ISPM15 compliant, FSC/PEFC Certified and supplied from FSC approved sustainable sources

Timber Packing Cases

Our solid wooden export packing cases are a great product to use when shipping your goods. They have fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid to ensure that any items packed in the case will be protected from the elements during transportation. Our cases can be designed to carry loads between 1 kg and 25000 kg.

OSB / Plywood Packing Cases

Our OSB board and Plywood export packing cases provide a great alternative to solid timber cases, they are generally lighter than softwood cases yet still robust and durable so are ideal for Air freight movements or loads of a lighter weight. They have fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid to ensure that any items packed in the case will be protected from the elements and are panelled with solid timber belting to provide strength and durability to ensure maximum protection for your goods during transportation.

Our OSB and Softwood cases can be designed to carry loads between 1 kg and 1000 kg

Shipping Crates

Our shipping crates provide a high quality alternative to solid timber export packing cases, especially if there are costs or weight considerations or restrictions. Supplied with gaps between the boards on the sides, ends, lid and base, our shipping crates use less timber and weighs less than a packing case whilst still provide a good level of perimeter protection for the goods being shipped.

Bespoke Pallets

Our bespoke pallets are the perfect product for providing safe lifting access and transportation of goods that do not require full perimeter protection. We manufacture pallets to any size to cater for any load weight, size or complexity. Our design expertise and experience will provide you with the very best bespoke pallet solution.

ISPM15 Timber

ISPM15 is short for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM15).

They are a set of measures and regulations designed to help prevent the spread of pests and diseases through wooden packaging materials used during the worldwide transportation of goods and freight.

ISPM15 defines a set of standards that must be met when timber or wooden packing products such as export packing cases, shipping crates, pallets, dunnage when shipping products internationally and worldwide.

The ISMP15 regulations require that all wooden packaging material unless stated as being exempt from the regulations must undergo heat treatment for 30 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius to the core of the product or be fumigated with Methyl Bromide. After the treatment process the quality treatment and company registration mark can and must be indelibly stenciled onto the product.

J.K. Francis & Son Ltd are one of the founding members of TIMCON and are accredited by the FSC, our registration number is FSC127, we are audited every 6 months in line with the requirements to maintain our accreditation.


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ISPM15 Packing Cases
Shipping Crate Design
Transit Protection
Water Resistant / Kraft Union Paper Lined

J.K. Francis & Son Ltd supply robust ISPM15 Packing cases for Sea and Road freight movements. Our client manufactures machinery used in various business sectors across Europe, each export packing case is Kraft union papered to make it water resistant and each case is supplied with pre-defined packing pieces so that the cases can be packed onsite with minimal effort and equipment. The shipping crates also have a framework fitted that ensures the load weight is distribute evenly, ensuring the safe lifting and transit of each unit.



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At J.K. Francis & Son Ltd we understand that choosing the correct product to suit both your needs and your budget is an important choice you will need to make when purchasing Cases, Crates or Pallets.

To help you get this right first time we have compiled this short guide, which although not exhaustive may help you in your decision.